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  • Lindsay Land

Getting Clear

Closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Have you ever held yourself back from something you knew you were supposed to do? Have you ignored the clues, the nudges, and even your own longing to try, just to maintain the status quo or keep from rocking the boat?

Did you ever tell those restraining arms to drop it? Thanked them for their protective intent but called out the misguided approach that holds you hostage instead of offering support?

What about setting out on a new path? Have you ever felt simultaneously exhilarated by the freedom to choose and terrified by the responsibility of choice?

Me Too.
  • I know the courage it takes to change direction.

  • I know the fears that creep up alongside uncertainty and change.

  • I know the lies of imposter syndrome which try to bury your gifts and render them inert.

  • I know the confusion of learning new things on a deadline and the details and decisions that can threaten to overwhelm.

  • I know the ebb and flow of motivation that can mess with productivity.

I get it. I've been there. I see you.

But what I also know is:

I did not have to stay there – and neither do you!
  • We can accept that there is no courage without fear, and no significant change without courage.

  • We can acknowledge that we are uniquely and wonderfully gifted, and there is fulfillment in using our gifts.

  • We can take the time to recognize, acknowledge, and engage the obstacles holding us back, make a plan to move through it, and get support.

  • We can practice holding ourselves accountable to fulfilling small, achievable goals that set us up for success without threatening to overwhelm.

  • We can get clear – and we can get moving.

Sometimes closing the gap between where we are and where we want to be just comes down to clarity and commitment.

We need to be able to get past the fear, confusion, imposter syndrome, distractions, and motivation killers. We need to be able to see where we want to go and gain the clarity to see what has been holding us back so we can effectively plan for how to get there.

So how do you get clear? By actually listening to yourself, exploring and discovering the things that excite you and the parts that scare you, and then choosing the way forward instead of letting it choose you. I get clear by processing out loud first what I want and then what I need to do to get there – in detail. Then I commit to one manageable step at a time, and I frequently remind myself of the “we can” statements above. I regularly remind myself of what is true.

Giving voice to a thought gives it space to either grow into something or to be acknowledged and put away, making room for something new.

When we take time to pause, speak our thoughts out loud and allow someone to reflect those thoughts back to us, something magical happens. Suddenly there is room for thoughts and feelings to breathe, to take up some space, and to either materialize into something or to be put away. Suddenly there is capacity for new ideas, new plans, or even renewed commitment and excitement about old plans, goals, and dreams. In this new space we find freedom to honestly commit both to our goals and to ourselves, to truly affirm that we are on board and willing to take on the challenge.

The first step forward is not to have clarity – it’s recognizing the need for clarity.

As a coach, my heart is for people to get unstuck and start living on mission in whatever way they are called to do it. I have lived and worked through many traps and unexpected detours, and I delight in helping others work through them quicker or even bypass them altogether.

Wherever you are on this spectrum, from still trying to ignore the pull of change to charging ahead and managing the details as you go, I am rooting for you and would love to support you in your journey.

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